Syringe Pens: A Unique Branding Idea

Branding has always been an important part of marketing products and services. Good branding causes people to form associations between products and services and particular companies. A good way to use promotional products for branding is to use themed items.
An excellent example of a themed promotional product is the syringe pen. Have you ever seen a pen that is shaped like a medical syringe? You probably haven’t seen anything like this. If you saw someone who was writing with a syringe, wouldn’t you be curious? Wouldn’t you want one? Would you ask the person where they got it?

Recall that good branding is about creating a memorable association between your company and the product or service you provide. The syringe pen is unique and quite memorable and for businesses in the medical field, the association is quite easily drawn. The reason for this is plain: a syringe, in most people’s minds is associated with doctors, nurses, hospitals, and drugs. Accordingly, if your business is in the medical field, the association is fairly built in to the pen.

Additionally, the uniqueness of the syringe pen has a large branding value as well. Anyone who sees another person writing with such a pen is more likely to ask to see the pen and question the user about where he or she got it. As you know, word of mouth advertising is the most effective kind. Coupled with the strong association between syringes and medicine, the syringe pen is the perfect promotional product for businesses in the medical industry.

Another aspect of shot pens is that they have a long-lasting promotional life. Refillable types can be used over and over and no one would ever throw them away. They are neat collectors items that most people would want to keep. Each time the syringe pen is used the association between the person using it, your product and service, and your company name will be strengthened.

Syringe pens have a great seasonal value as well. Halloween is fast approaching and as people are deciding how they will dress up for the occasion, having a syringe pen giveaway will help those pretend doctors and nurses out there find that extra something to jazz up their costumes.
There are numerous ways that syringe pens can be given away. Doctors’ offices can give them away by placing them in a pen-holder at the front desk, as can pharmacies, and hospitals. They can also be given away at industry events such as medical conventions and industry luncheons. Doctors and nurses can pass them out to patients as they are seen as well.

Giving away a unique item such as a syringe pen imprinted with your company name or logo will help you to stand out from the competition, and this is especially important during these tough economic times.

Best Promotional Items For Trade Shows

Trade show presentations are one of the most frequent events for which companies might purchase promotional items. Since promotional items are best for branding and company name recall and trade shows are places to showcase new products and services, promotional gifts and trade shows are the perfect combination.

The best promotional products for any occasion, but most especially trade shows, are items which are useful, which will be kept by the person they’re given to, and which will be frequently used on a weekly if not daily basis.

Imprinted Tote bags
Tote bags feature a large printable area where your company logo can appear. Since the area is large, you can make your company logo more visible and attractive. Tote bags are also useful and very much in vogue today.

Imprinted Pens
Pens are the staple promotional item. They work at trade shows because they work everywhere. They’re small, can be carried anywhere, and are extremely useful. People tend to use pens on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Pens thus make the perfect promotional item because they’re used so often.

Imprinted Notepads
Notepads are another useful item that people will use on a daily basis. They work at trade shows because people can use them right at your booth to jot down information about your company or make an appointment to have a representative come out to their home for an in-house demonstration.

Imprinted Mugs
Mugs are fairly ubiquitous promotional items. Opt for ceramic over plastic to make a good impression. Mugs are also used frequently.

Imprinted T-shirts
T-shirts have the largest area for company logo display. It is best to keep the logo and/or promotional message tastefully sized so as not to be overwhelming. T-shirts are useful and people generally keep any free ones they may come across, which extends their promotional life.

Promotional Products for Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is just around the corner and people are scrambling to figure out what to give the people that they love. Stores will advertise their best deals and will make you see romance everywhere you turn. But what about the people that you spend most of your life with, your co-workers? Figuring our a simple, inexpensive gift for the people you work with can be challenging, but we have done the dirty work for you and have come up with a few ideas.

*Heart shaped stress relievers – Work equals stress so this item will be perfect for your office. They come in red and pink so this stress reliever will tie perfectly with the Valentines Day theme.

*Keychains – There are keychains for every occasion so it will be very easy to find a keychain that has the Valentines day theme. Your co-workers will carry it everywhere that they go.

*Magnets – Magnets are a simple way to say “Happy Valentines Day” to the people you work with. They can use them at home and will always remember where they got it.

*Chocolates – Imprint some chocolates with your business name and they will surely enjoy this sweet treat. People love chocolate, especially on Valentines Day so make it special for them by giving this scrumptious gift.

Your co-workers will feel special receiving one of these items from you. Simple and small, yet enough to put a smile on their face. Happy Valentines Day!

4th of July Giveaways

Bring out the BBQ, drinks, and fireworks and let’s all get together for a huge 4th of July blowout! Independence day is a big part of our year and people love taking this celebration to different levels. Family reunions, corporate parties, and church functions all occur on this day and people just enjoy each other company while celebrating the birth of our country. But as any other party would need, giveaways are a must at your big 4th of July blowout. Here are some ideas:

*Frisbees- Everyone loves a Frisbee. Whether they are small or big, people of all ages will love throwing a Frisbee around at your 4th of July gathering. Imprint them with your party date so that they can always remember the fun they had.

*T-shirts- Purchase some imprinted purchase so that everyone can wear it at your gathering. Feel a sense of unity while wearing this as a group.

*Towels- Get some towels embroidered and your guests will love taking this item home as a keepsake of the time that you had. It can be used at the park, beach, or in the comfort of their own home.

Independence day is a day that both kids and adults love. It brings us all together and allows us to appreciate the time we had and the time that we will have in this country. So pick up your items today!

Novelty Promotional pens

Pens have developed into more than just writing instruments. The pen industry has come up with so many different pens that it makes it difficult to pick which one to go with. You can find imprinted pens wherever you go, so what’s going to make your pen stand out from the rest? Here are a few pens that I feel are a bit better than the rest.

Syringe Pen - The syringe pen is in a class all on its own. The realistic look of this pen is perfect for people in the medical field and medical students.

Stress Ball Pens – The stress ball pens are amazing because of the stress reliever at the top of the pen. You can have different designs and enjoy the variations of choices. Unique pen and stressball in one. Many styles and barrel colors from which to choose. Fun design lets you squeeze away stress while you work.

Light Up Pens- Kids love light up pens because they are fun to write with. When you write, the light shines, and there you go, instant fun! They come in kid friendly shapes and adults will love them also!

Goofy Pens- These pens will put a smile across your face when looking at them. They laugh, giggle, and talk and will make any office place exciting! Choose one of these pens and your consumers will love them! They are unique, different, and unexpected which is what you business needs to be.

Logo Or Company Name?

One of the things you have to decide if you’re going to give away promotional products is whether to just use your company name or to go with a company logo.
A logo is a symbol that you create to represent your company. Symbols are very powerful and people form strong associations with them. If you decide to go with a logo, keep in mind tht it should be consistent and repeat the design elements of which it is comprised.
Good logos should also be timeless. Using design elements that are trendy today will date your design and it will be necessary to create a new logo. While it is not uncommon for companies to change or update their logos, this process is expensive and you should aim to get as much mileage out of your current design as possible.
A good logo is also unique. It should clearly represent your company and not easily mistaken for the logo of another company. This becomes very important when working with promotional products because the thing that promotional products do best is increase brand-name awareness.
Simply using your company name along with other relevant details such as your location and phone number is the cheapest way to employ promotional products. This can and will do the job fairly well. The only downside is that it may appear more amateurish and chintzy to some, and you will lose the powerful symbol forming associations that logos afford.
It is essential that if you use your company name, that you include information about where you can be found and give ways to contact you. This can be a simple line under your company name. Your customers need to be able to find you in order for you to gain their business.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Reusable Tote Bags

The climate is changing because of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Some of this excess carbon dioxide is due to natural processes like volcanic activity, however, a lot of it comes from human activity.
One of the chief causes of excess carbon dioxide is the refining and burning of fossil fuels. Turning crude oil into useable forms, such as engine oil, gasoline, and plastics is dirty business. During this process, a lot of air pollutants and carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere.
Another cause of excess carbon dioxide is the rapid deforestation of Earth’s great forests. Forests are normally in flux, and the environment needs a mix of old and new growth forests in order to achieve ecological balance. In the normal course of time, forests are destroyed by wildfires. Some logging can also be beneficial. However, with the advent of large logging operations, more old growth forests have been destroyed than is healthy for the planet. The trees act as a natural carbon dioxide filter, taking it in and producing oxygen, which they introduce into the atmosphere. Humans and other animal life take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. There is a perfect balance here.
We all need to be cognizant of and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the ways that we can do this is to reduce the demand for plastic and paper products. Disposable bags are a major demand driver for these materials. Therefore, in order to reduce demand, we must find other ways of carrying our groceries and other types of purchases home.
Reusable tote bags can easily replace disposable paper and plastic bags for most needs. Of course, they may not be practical for everything, such as carrying home meats and other perishables. However, using them for most things will reduce the amount of plastic and paper that we consume.

Syringe Pens and Creative Give-Aways

Syringe pens are pens shaped like syringes, complete with a colored fluid inside the pen barrel to make it look like a real shot of medicine, regardless of the color of the ink. They are unique and can easily be imprinted with your company name of logo.
You don’t have to do the same old same old give-aways with these or any other promotional items. You can think outside the box and get a little creative. You can spice up your promotions with a little ingenuity.
Consider creating a syringe pen bouquet. It is really easy to do. All you need is a minimum of fifty syringe pens, a rubber band, and a mug for a “vase.” Gather all of the pens with the flange side up and tie them together near the bottom with the rubber band. Flare them out a bit to get the flowery effect and place them in the mug. Voila! A bouquet of syringe pens!
How about a medical gift basket? Some promotional merchandise vendors will have themed promotional gift baskets available. Even if they don’t, you can easily make your own. Using a mug or a file tray as a base, arrange medically themed promotional items inside, such as syringe pens, bone shaped pens, as well as other medically themed objects.
What about pairing your syringe with a pill bottle object or a vial shaped object? Doing so will tie together your theme quite nicely and be fun for the receiver. You can also include other medically themed object such as:
-bone shaped objects-capsule shaped objects-pill shaped objects.
Thinking creatively about your give-aways will positively affect the good-will generation factor in your promotions. The less overly promotional you appear, the more mileage you will gain out of it. So consider thinking creatively about your next promotional campaign.

An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Promotional Products

How effective are promotional products? The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a survey recently to find out. In the study, they asked a series of questions designed to find out how promotional products stack up in terms of branding and in terms of actually getting people to shop with the advertiser responsible for the give-away.

PPAI surveyed a group of 800 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The survey results were startling. Over seventy-one percent of the group surveyed said that they had been given a promotional product in the past year and a third of those indicated that they had that gift on them at the time of the survey.
So, this means that 568 of those 800 people had received a promotional gift in the past twelve months and of those, 187 of them were carrying that gift on their person.

Now, in terms of how effective promotional products are, PPAI went in deeper with those in the survey who said they had received a promotional gift. PPAI asked them if they could identify the company that had given the item to them. A whopping seventy-six percent of them said that they could. Doing the math, this means that 431 out of 568 people in the group surveyed could remember the name of the advertiser. What this means is that promotional products are incredibly effective in awareness raising and branding.

How about sales? Do promotional products induce people to buy from the gifting advertiser? It turns out that they do, according to the PPAI survey. PPAI asked its study group if any of them had actually bought anything from the advertiser. More than fifty percent of them answered, that yes, they had. The math works out like this: 295 out of the 568 survey subjects bought something from the promotional product giver.

A more subtle driver of sales for any business is how positively that business is viewed by its potential customers. No one wants to do business with a company they consider to be bad or harmful in some way. Consider British Petroleum. According to the PPAI survey, promotional products play a key role in promoting positive associations between the gift-giving company and its potential customer pool. PPAI discovered that more than fifty percent of those surveyed who had received a promotional gift felt more positively about the advertiser after they had received the gift than they had felt beforehand. Going back to the math again, 295 of them had the warm fuzzies about the advertiser.

Having reviewed PPAI’s survey data, there can be no doubt that promotional products are effective at branding, awareness raising, sales generation, and inciting positive associations.